Saturday, October 24, 2009

How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

How to Get Your Girlfriend Back
3 Simple Rules That Will Help You to Get Your Girlfriend Back

Many guys are always sending me emails full of questions about how to get their girlfriend back, so I want to make sure you understand this simple rules.

Rule No. 1 - There are many ways that will teach you how to get your girlfriend back, but only few will actually do it. Those are methods that are based on the female psychic and you need to understand how girls think. Believe me, we girls think differently about relationship. And we also expect things that you guys really have hard time to understand.

These psychic methods do work, yet many guys screw things up. So if you want to get your girlfriend back, you need to start studying the way we think.

Rule No. 2 - What the girl say is right. I know you will have hard time getting over this one, but you really need to. And for couple reasons. First of, you want to know how to get your girlfriend back, not the other way around. So you have a slight disadvantage over her. And by not following what she wants or wants you can forget about winning her back over to your side.

Rule No. 3 - Make sure she is still in love with you or at least interested in you. Then think of some clever ways to get her know that you did not lose your interest in her either. But do not call her 24/7 or do not become stalker. Always respect her space and words.

These are just the basic rules, but in the case you did not get it, the communication is the key for a success. So, if you want to get all the secrets on how to get your girlfriend back, make sure you have ongoing dialog between

each other and start slowly building her trust in you again.

When she sees you are genuine and really want to be with her, she will give you a second chance. Make sure she knows how important she is and how your life is very much out of sync without having her beside you. And do not forget to ask what she would expect from a great relationship with you and what she really hate.

Knowing these little rules and secrets will give you big advantage for your future partnership.


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