Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do You Really Want To Get Back Your Ex?

Do You Really Want To Get Back Your Ex?
How To Deal With Break Up Emotional Times...

We all went through these emotional times when it comes to dealing with a break up, especially if you still love your "ex" and want him or her to come back.

But it does not to be that hard on you. Believe me, once I was there as the one who said enough and also couple times the one who had to hear that words like:

"I am sorry, we have to have some time apart," or something like: "Oh, it's not you. You are really good to me, but I am not ready for long-term relationship. Call me stupid or anything you like, but I have to go."

It really does not feel really good. In a both cases. When I was the one letting the guy go, I had bad thought in my had for a long time. I just could not take to be the giver in my former relationship and did not get anything in return. I mean, no signs of appreciation or love at all. And believe me, women need to hear how special they are to their men. So guys out there, say I love you to your girl or bring flower at least once a week...we would love that.

And when I got dumped by one of my boyfriend, I felt really down for a long time. you see I am really good girl, but some people do not really see the little things in between the lines. So I had to deal with that. I felt like everyone is watching me and behind my back talking about what happened with my relationship.

So yes, it's tough. But do not let that go too much under your skin. Just take it as it is. That is life and you will either meet someone who really loves you or your "ex-boyfriend" would realize that he made a mistake and will come back. Then it's up to you what you want to do. You will have complete control over the situation.

The most difficult part is when you are dumped and are still in love with that person. That happens over and over again and maybe you are in this situation right now. If, yes, you make sure to come back very often to this blog, since you can still save that relationship, if you know some tips to do so. And I know you will find great information here and hopefully that will help you to get your ex back or guide you to the right path to a better love and relationship life in the future.

One of the tips I can give you right now is to read the book called "The Magic Of Making Up" written by T.W. Jackson. it is real deal in terms of mastering the art of relationships between men and women. Not only you will now the magic words you need to say when you want your ex back, but it will give you the know-how of building the right relationship right from the start.

I know that right now you might be going through emotional hardship of being dumped and you can not really judge this situation accordingly, so I suggest to bookmark this website and come back tomorrow and read this page again. It will sink more and you can make your decisions clearly.

Till then, Love

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